1976-79 -UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO, Waterloo, Ontario.- B.A. Honours, Fine Art

1987-89 -YORK UNIVERSITY, Toronto, Ontario. - M.F.A. in Visual Art




2016     - AUGURY (solo), Loop Gallery, Toronto, ON.

2015     - ACQUIRED TASTES, (group exhibition), Museum London, London, On.

2015     - LUCY IN THE DARK, (solo), Loop Gallery, Toronto, On.

2014     - NOSTALGIA, (solo), Robert Langen Gallery, Waterloo, On.

  1.           - FRUITS OF LABOUR, (with Liz Parkinson), Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, On.

  2.           - SUBTERRANEAN (NETHERMIND in collaboration with ART SPIN), Toronto, On.

  3.           - SPIRIT OF THE LAND, (garden installation), Tom Thompson Art gallery, Owen Sound,On.

     - THE WOODS, Loop Gallery, Toronto (solo)

2013     - NETHERMIND, University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Waterloo, On. (group)

2012     - MIRABILIA, with NETHERMIND, St. Anne’s Church, Toronto (group)           

             - GRASSY, Loop Gallery, Toronto- (solo)

  1.           - THE ART OF MENTORING: A LEGACY, Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery,  Waterloo, On                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  2.           - FIELD OF MICE, presented by Norfolk Arts Centre in a farmer’s field outside Simcoe, On. (solo)                                     

2011    - GREAT HARE, for CAFKA at Cambridge Sculpture Garden

2010    - PRODUCT OF EDEN 2010. Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, On.

            -TIAF, with Loop Gallery (catalogue image)

            - FAITHFUL AND FAITHLESS MESSENGERS, Loop Gallery, Toronto, On.                                                          

            - CHOCOLATE, Loop Gallery, Toronto, On.

2008    - PRODUCT OF EDEN 2008, Loop Gallery, Toronto, On.

            - PRODUCT OF EDEN 2007, Loop Gallery, Toronto, On.

            - Mon Ton Window, Toronto, On.

2007    - VOGELFREI’ 07, Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany ( garden installation)

            - PRODUCT OF EDEN (niche project) Rodman Hall Art Centre, St. Catharines, On.             

2006    - INTO THE WOODS, Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, Waterloo, On.

            - PRODUCT OF EDEN & SECRET ROOM II, Loop Gallery, Toronto, Ont.

2005    - THE BEAST WITHIN, McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton. On.

            - FUZZY -group exhibition curated by Scott Sawttell,  Oakville Galleries, Oakville, On.                             

            - the CYCLOFOOZLEAPHONE, Open Ears Festival, Kitchener, Ontario

2004    - (SECRET ROOM), Loop Gallery, Toronto, On.

            - Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery,Studio Alert Series1,Kitchener, On.

1999    - OH BABY, Cambridge Library & Art Gallery, Cambridge, Ontario

            - SONIC PLAYROOM (with G. Young,R. Reitzenstein and Wilfrid Laurier                        

               University sculpture and composition students for Open Ears) , Kitchener, On.

            - TREE EARS, the Island, Victoria Park, Kitchener, On.

            - INHERITANCE, Factorie Gallery, Toronto, Ont. 

1996    - THE ART OF DARKNESS, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, On.

1995    - NETHER MIND, Toronto, Ont.

            - CORPUS DELICTI, Cambridge Library & Art Gallery,  Cambridge, On. (solo)                    

            - ROBERT LANGEN GALLERY, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, On.

1994    - A LOVE FOR THE LAND, Homer Watson House,  Kitchener,On.

1993    - NETHER MIND, Toronto, On.

1992    - RED HEAD GALLERY, Toronto, On. (solo)

            - SCARBOROUGH CAMPUS GALLERY, University of Toronto, Toronto, On.                     

1991    - ARTICULE, Montreal, Quebec

            - NEUTRAL GROUND, Regina, Saskatchewan

1990    - BURLINGTON CULTURAL CENTRE, Burlington, On.

            - ARTSPACE, Peterborough, On.

            - EAST CAMPUS HALL, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, On.

1989    - MOTLEY PIE (M.F.A. THESIS EXHIBITION), IDA Gallery, York University,             


1988    - THE WORKS, Manual Life Centre, Edmonton, Alberta (solo)

            - PYRAMIS, Start Gallery, Kitchener, On.

            - S.A.W.GALLERY,Ottawa, On. (solo)

1987    - START GALLERY, Kitchener, Ontario

1985    - POWERHOUSE GALLERY, Montreal, Quebec

            - ARTFORMS, Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, On.

1984    - JUSTINA M. BARNICKE GALLERY, University of Toronto, Toronto, On.(solo)              

            - ART GALLERY OF BRANT, Brantford, Ontario

            - BUT IS IT ART?, University of Waterloo Modern Language Art Gallery,                           

              Waterloo, On.

1983    - KITCHENER WATERLOO ART GALLERY, Kitchener, On. (solo)




2014                Ontario Arts Council mid-career Grant

2012                Ontario Arts Council mid-career Grant

2010                Waterloo Regional Arts Fund Award

2009                Ontario Arts Council mid-career Grant

                        K.M. Hunter Award

2008                Canada Council research/creation Grant

2007                Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance

2006                Canada Council research/creation Grant

2005                Waterloo Regional Arts Fund Award

1996                Canada Council 'B' Grant

1995                Ontario Arts Council Materials Assistance Grants

1993                Canada Council 'B' Grant

                        Ontario Arts Council Grant

1992                Ontario Arts Council Materials Assistance Grant

1990                Canada Council 'B' Grant

                        Ontario Arts Council Materials Assistance Grant

1989                Ontario Arts Council Materials Assistance Grant

1987                Canada Council Project Grant

                        York University Graduate Scholarship

                        Ontario Arts Council Materials Assistance Grant

1985                Canada Council Explorations Grant

                        Ontario Arts Council Materials Assistance Grant

                        Artforms Jurors Award

1984                Ontario Arts Council Materials Assistance Grant

1983                Ontario Arts Council Materials Assistance Grant




2012 - present            SHERIDAN COLLEGE, lecturer, Oakville Ontario

2009                            CANADIAN CLAY & GLASS GALLERY, Waterloo, Ontario

                                    youth mentor (working with high school students to produce and install

                                    a public sculpture at the Waterloo Library.

2004 & 2007               UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO, Fine Arts,

                                    sessional lecturer

2003 -  2005                MCMASTER UNIVERSITY, School of the Arts

                                    sessional lecturer

1996 -  2000                UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO, School of Architecture,                                                  

                                    Waterloo, Ontario

                                    adjunct faculty

1995 - 1998                 WILFRID LAURIER UNIVERSITY, Waterloo, Ontario

                                    sessional lecturer

1995                            CAMBRIDGE LIBRARY & ART GALLERY/ GLENVIEW                                            

                                    PARK SECONDARY SCHOOL, O.A.C. WORKSHOP,                                                  

                                    Cambridge, Ontario    

1992 - 1995                 UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH, Guelph, Ontario

                                    sessional lecturer

                                    DUNDAS VALLEY SCHOOL OF ART, Dundas, Ontario


1994 - 1995                 UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO, London, Ontario

                                    sessional lecturer

1992 - 1993                 KING'S ACADEMY, Kitchener, Ontario

                                    Art Teacher

1990 - 1992                 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, Toronto, Ontario

                                    Adjunct Faculty

                                    WATERLOO COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, Waterloo,                                       


                                    Art Instructor

1988 - 1989                 YORK UNIVERSITY, Toronto, Ontario

                                    Teaching Assistant

1982 - 1984                 CONESTOGA COLLEGE, Kitchener, Ontario

                                    Part-time Instructor

1980 - 1987                 Children’s Art Instructor both privately and through local art                                                

                                    galleries (Cambridge Library and Gallery,  Kitchener-Waterloo Art                          

                                    Gallery, Homer Watson House) and Waterloo Regional School                                          




2006 -07          - board member CAFKA  

2003                - juror, Waterloo Regional Airport Commission National Competition,                                    

                          Waterloo ,Ontario.

                        - board member, Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener Area (CAFKA)

2001                - visiting artist, University of Waterloo School of Architecture grad                           


2000                - visiting artist, University of Waterloo School of Architecture thesis                                      


1999 - 2000     - museum artist WATERLOO REGIONAL CHILDREN’S MUSEUM

1996 - 1999     - Artist advisor and steering committee, WATERLOO REGIONAL                                         

                          CHILDREN’S MUSEUM PROJECT

1997 - 2001     - board member GLOBE STUDIOS ( provides and administers affordable                            

                          studio space)

1999                - Project Advisor/Mentor KORA group ( Human Resources Development                            

                          Project to  help younger artists to become involved in community                                         


                        - SHAD VALLEY  workshop (  SYSTEMS DESIGN DEPT., University                           

                           of  Waterloo)

1998 - 1999     - board member, WATERLOO REGIONAL ARTS COUNCIL                                  

                        - Juror - CITY OF KITCHENER COUNTRY HILLS FIREHALL                                                  


1997                - Juror - ONTARIO ARTS COUNCIL entry level grants

                        - Juror - CAMBRIDGE LIBRARY & GALLERY, regional  juried                                       


                        - Guest Lecturer, UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO, Fine Art Department

1995 - 1996     - Juror -City of Kitchener VICTORIA PARK NATIONAL PUBLIC                                   

                          SCULPTURE  COMPETITION

1995                - Kinaesthesia and psychological Models of Reality. paper delivered at                                   

                          U.A.A.C. CONFERENCE, University of Guelph

                        - Delegate to CULTUREPLAN ENVISIONING WORKSHOP (to                                                   

                          develop a plan for the cultural development of the city of Kitchener -                                    

                           adopted by  the city in 1996)

1993                - Contemporary Women's Sculpture - lecture,THIRD AGE LEARNING                               

                          GROUP, University of Guelph

1992                - Juror - BURLINGTON CULTURAL CENTRE Annual Juried                                            


1991                - lecture at ARTSPACE, Peterborough, Ontario

                        - lecture at BURLINGTON CULTURAL CENTRE Burlington,Ontario

1988                  The Relevance of Higher Education to the Artmaking Process - lecture at

                           UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO, Department of Fine Art

1985 - 1986     - Founder and President of The START GALLERY - an                 

                           independent space in Kitchener-Waterloo







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